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String/Text length

This utility is intended to count the number of characters of the submitted text.

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String/text length/size calculator

With this tool you will be able to count the number of characters in your texts and plain text document files.

When using latin characters or arabic numbers, 1 letter is equivalent to 1 byte, it is not true when using other writing forms like Chinese, Hebrew, Thai, etc. which are using different and specific character encoding or, if using a more modern encoding like UTF, control characters are appering in the text which are not rendered in letters, but they are using to inform the computer what language is going to use even the orientation (for example, right to left instead of left to right).

The tool we are bringing you today is using multi-byte character counter, so it will keep in mind to no count control characters as actual letters as well as the encoding of the letters for other languages besides latin, hence you won't rely on the number of bytes of your file to figure out the number of characters in your document.

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