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Date time text decoder to COOKIE format

Parses your text and replies you in COOKIE format

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Date time decoder

With this tool you can decoder texts like 'now', 'today', 'yesterday', 'last Monday', 'last fortnight', 'first day of this month', 'first day of last month', 'first day of this year', etc. and get the day, month, year, etc. in the selected format.

Timestamp decoding is also available. In order to do that, the value to decode must be given as the number of seconds since the epoch time like 1578047026.

By the default, UTC timezone is used, but you can specify what timezone you want to get by indicating it as in 'yesterday in Madrid' or 'now in Singapore'. If you don't provide accurate place like in 'today in Europe' or 'last fortnight in Argentina', but we can find some of our registered timezones containing your place name, you may get a list of decoded date times for the different matching timezones. For example, if you don't remember accurately the name, but you know the continent is Africa, you may look for 'now in africa ban', then the parsed date times for Bangui, Banjul and Mbabane will be returned to you. Another example: if you try with 'last fortnight in Argentina San', you will get the date times for San Juan and San Luis of Argentina.

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